Updates to our Website

Feb 9, 2016

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been making a few changes to our website, which will make ordering (and receiving) our coffee a little bit easier.

Firstly we’ve changed the packaging we use for our online orders. Our new bags have a thinner profile, allowing them to fit through most letterboxes. They also have a build in zipper making them easier and more convenient to seal after use.

File 09-02-2016, 15 00 15.jpg

The pricing structure for our coffee has also changed. The more coffee you buy, the less you’ll pay: buy 2 or 3 bags of coffee and receive a 10% discount on each, and buy 4 bags or more and receive a 15% discount on each. You can mix and match our coffees to achieve this discount. For example if you purchase our Espresso Blend you can benefit from the following pricing (correct as of 9th Feb 2016):

Espresso Pricing.jpg

We really dislike postage charges when we order online. You choose your product, proceed to checkout, enter your address details and then get hit by an often unreasonable charge for postage and packaging. We’ve included the price of delivery in the price of our coffees. This means the price you see for the coffee will be the price you pay to have it delivered (next day despatch via Royal Mail 2nd Class).

If you’re a regular espresso drinker we can recommend taking advantage of our espresso subscription. It allows you to choose how much coffee you want, and how often you’d like it delivered – we’ll do the rest. You can change your subscription at any time, and you can even skip orders at the click of a button. Our favourite function is the ‘Ship Now’ option which brings your order forward for shipment on the next working day – perfect if you run out of coffee!

Finally we’ve even spared a thought for those of you who would rather drink tea. This week we launched our own brand of tea with our wholesale customers and anticipate making it available on our website next month. You’ll be glad to hear we have no intention of calling it CarveTea!