Knott Halloo Espresso 250g


Our current Knott Halloo Espresso blend comprises two components from Peru and Brazil. Expect flavours of chocolate and nut when drunk as an espresso, becoming a very smooth, sweet drink with milk.

San Ignacio is the combined efforts of three farms belonging to the Alpes Andinos producer organisation, in the town of La Copia, Peru.  Although the farms are small, around 2 hectares, each farmer is responsible for processing their own coffee.  Like so many in this region, the names of each farm are chosen in honour of trees or natural features on the farm that stand out among the wilderness. 

Coffee processing techniques in the region are tried and tested methods of production, often passed down through the generations. Harvest season for La Coipa spans from June to October. The process begins with the cherries being selectively handpicked, before being sorted by hand into ripe and over ripe. Next, the coffee is pulped: each producer has their own de-pulper located on the farm, often close to the house. Once the coffee has been depulped, the beans are placed in a wet fermentation tank for anywhere between 30-36 hours, depending on the climate. Finally, the coffee is washed and placed on raised beds to dry for around a month (25-30 days) depending on the level of rain. 

Fazenda Sao Silvestre has been farmed by the Andrade Brothers since 1991. It is located in the north of Minas Gerais, in an area known as the Cerrado Mineiro on the border with Bahia state.  The farm’s volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing the farm’s main varieties - Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuai and Red Catuaí. 

The beans are harvested when ripe and prepared using the pulped natural process: the cherries are pulped, and the mucilage is left on the beans while they are dried. Depending on climactic conditions, the coffee is either totally sun-dried or completed in two stages where the beans are initially sun dried, bringing the moisture content down to approximately 20%, and then finished in mechanical dryers, bringing the moisture content of the beans to a maximum of 12%. 

Farm: El Paraiso, La Cascada, El Bosque

Varietal: Typica, Red Caturra, Pache & Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed & dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1,800 – 1,900 metres

Farm: Fazenda Sao Silvestre

Varietal: Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuai and Red Catuaí

Processing: Pulped natural

Altitude: 1,200m above sea level

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