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Jhon Faiber is back! Unlike our other coffees where we only buy part of a farm’s production, we bought the whole harvest at Casa Loma, and will continue to do so for the next few years.

Casa Loma is owned by Jhon Faiber Castillo and in 2021 we agreed to buy all of Jhon’s coffee for an agreed price, above that which he would have received as part of a cooperative. Jhon produces two harvests annually with each one yielding around 2.8 tonnes of coffee.

Jhon Faiber has been surrounded by coffee his whole life. A second-generation coffee farmer, Jhon inherited his farm, Casa Loma, from his parents at a young age, becoming a role model for younger growers across the region. Today, Jhon manages his family farm along with his wife, whilst his young children still attend primary school. Till this day, Jhon continues to be a leader in the community around San Jose, encouraging other producers to engage in specialty coffee programs in the region.

Farm: Casa Loma

Varietals: Caturra, Tabi, Tipica & Colombia

Processing: washed - 48 hours fermentation and dried on parabolic beds

Altitude: 1,800m

Owner: Jhon Faiber Castillo

Size of farm: 4 hectares

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