Coffee Knowledge

Coffee Knowledge

In this section you'll find a collection of articles and videos which relate to broader aspects of coffee from processing, through roasting and brewing.

The Coffee Bloom

In this short video we explain why coffee blooms when water is added and how to best deal with the bloom when brewing your coffee.

Natural Processed Coffee

The term 'processing' in respect of coffee is used to describe the method used to remove the coffee bean from the coffee cherry.

In this video we take a look at one of our favourite methods - natural processing

Coffee Storage & Shelf Life

How long can you keep an unopened bag of coffee? What affects the shelf life of coffee? How should you store coffee once opened?

Here's our advice on maximising your enjoyment of the coffee you buy.

Using Taste to Improve your Coffee Brewing

A well brewed coffee should be a balance of acidity and sweetness (with a touch of bitterness from the caffeine). This doesn't mean an equal balance but the two should exist in harmony. 

There should also be a tactile experience to drinking coffee. Those sweet dissolved solids will add body to the cup. 

Finally you can't beat a coffee with a lingering finish which reminds you just how good it was long after you've finished the last drop!

In this video we explore how you can use taste to improve your coffee brewing. We also explain the concepts of under extraction and over extraction in terms of how a coffee tastes.