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At Carvetii we understand the importance of purchasing the correct coffee equipment for your business.  In many instances this will be a long term investment and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible support and advice to assist you in making the best possible decision.

Our support doesn't stop once the sale has been agreed.  Delivery and installation on site is included with all our machines, along with an appropriate water filter and complete barista kit.

A month after installation our Tech Support will visit to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Understanding the ongoing costs of owning an espresso machine is critical and we make this clear and transparent from the outset.  All new machine sales come with a minimum two year Preventative Maintenance Contract covering you for statutory obligations (boiler inspections), servicing and callouts (Preventative Maintenance Contract linked to continued supply of coffee).

Have a look at some of our sample packages below, each of which can be tailored for your individual circumstances.  We can even organise leasing on any pieces of equipment.

Please get in touch using the form below if you would like to discuss options, or to visit our showrooms in Threlkeld.

La Spaziale S2 Compact + MDXS Grinder

Perfect where space is limited or volume is lower.  

At only 540mm wide, the S2 Spazio still retains the functionality of larger machines - 2 group heads, a hot water tap and two steam wands.  The MDXS grinder is easy to adjust making both these machines appropriate for environments where staff have other roles aside from making coffee, such as a bar or restaurant.

Simonelli Aurelia II + MDJ Grinder

Our entry level option for those requiring a full size espresso machine

The 14 litre boiler on this 2 group espresso machine gives it ample steam capacity, particularly if you convert one steam wand to an auto cream version (helping you deal with those hot chocolates perhaps).

The MDJ grinder has 75mm flat burrs and has a very user friendly interface.

VA White Eagle Digit + Mythos One

A statement machine and grinder.

We love working on the White Eagle, with its low profile and open workspace.  It has a very easy user interface, as does the Mythos One, making it the perfect combination for the serious coffee shop.

We include a three year service contract with this package if associated with the continued supply of coffee.

VA White Eagle T3 + Mythos Two Pure

Two serious machines for those wanting extra control over variables

The White Eagle T3 features a 14 litre steam boiler as well as independently controlled coffee boilers.  This allows the user to accurately programme group head temperatures.  The steam wands are cool touch and the Mythos Two grinder has 85mm titanium coated burrs.

We include a three year service contract with this package if associated with the continued supply of coffee.

VA Black Eagle with Mythos Two Gravimetric

Our top of the range option

For those where looks and precision go hand in hand, our top of the range machines have built in scales.

This combination would look good on any bar and comes with a three year Preventative Maintenance Contract if accompanied by the continued supply of coffee.

Other equipment

We supply a range of other equipment to accompany your espresso machine and grinder purchase, from water heaters to filter brewers.  All backed up with free installation and a minimum two years servicing support.

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