Wholesale Espresso

 So you like the sound of serving our espresso?

Unlike many generic blends available on the market we take a very open approach to our espresso - we highlight the components we use, even down to the ratio of each.  The origin information is clearly marked on our bags, and we produce accompanying literature which our customers are free to use and duplicate.



We use fresh crop coffees - different countries harvest their coffees at different times of the year.  We like to buy coffee as soon as it becomes available - usually around 3 months after harvest.  We then use these beans over a three to four month period.  As a result the components of our espresso blend change every three to four months, as do the underlying flavours.

Our current wholesale customers use this as part of their marketing strategy, promoting the changing blend and creating a sense of excitement as the new espresso is introduced.

We'll work with you to ensure our espresso is extracting correctly on your equipment - producing a good espresso isn't as easy as many would like us to think.  It takes a bit of care and effort.  That's why we offer our wholesale customers ongoing staff training.

We also sell espresso machines and grinders from leading manufacturers - for more information click here.


We roast our espresso every week and each bag is printed with a 'roasted on' date.  Our coffee has a shelf life of one month after roasting.

We sell our espresso by the kilogram and use local company, Hart Distribution, as our courier.