Gunpowder Pinhead 125g
Gunpowder Pinhead 125g

Gunpowder Pinhead 125g

Gunpowder Pinhead 125g

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Dry Leaf Appearance: Dark green, tightly rolled

Liquor Appearance: Green

Flavour Profile: Light smoke, nutty

From the Anhui province in Eastern China, this is a well made and world renowned tea. The tea is manufactured using steam and rolling equipment to roll the leaf in to green balls that open up when steeped. It has a greenish dry golden liquor much appreciated throughout the Middle East with a light smoke and nutty character.

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Brewing our teas

Brewing our teas is pretty straight forwards but you will get the most out of them if you follow some simple instructions.

White & Green Teas

Did you know?

White and green teas are covered in a fine dust. By throwing away that first brew you are effectively washing away the dust.
This reduces the bitterness in the cup and makes for a more enjoyable brew!

Degrees of oxidisation

White teas undergo very little if any oxidisation and you are effectively just drinking the dried leaves.

Green teas undergo a little more oxidisation than white teas.

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