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Equally good as an espresso or in your favourite filter set-up

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We've got everything from loose leaf classics to fruity infusions in our compostable bags

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From the Mountains

Welcome to Carvetii, we're an independent Coffee Roaster and Tea specialist, based at the foothills of the Lake District mountains in Keswick

Wholebean Coffee

Start your day with fresh beans, roasted to suit your taste, ground to perfection by you.

Loose Leaf Tea

Impeccably fresh, loose leaf teas from around the world. Prefer a compostable pyramid bag? Hit the link below...

Loose Leaf Teas

Impeccably fresh, loose leaf teas from around the world

Pyramid Tea Bags

For those on the go, try our compostable pyramid bags

Hot, hot, hot chocolate

White, Dark Orange, Milk and every shade in-between!


All our products are available for wholesale, along with training and tech support for those starting out or looking to offer more.


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We're obsessed with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso grinders, water temp, the best milk for lattes... you get it, find out more on our YouTube Channel